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Your business roadmap

We complete a detailed business plan covering: 

  • The history of the business (with financials)
  • Customer and market analysis
  • Structure of the business
  • Personnel review including assessment and development opportunities
  • SWOT analysis
  • Culture of the business
  • Mission statement for the business
  • Personal vision statement of the business owner
  • Detailed road map with key milestones and deliverables en route to ensure that the desired business location and vision is achieved within the required timeframe
  • 3- 5 year sales budgets including profitability analysis.  
  • 3-5 year profit and loss budgets and projections including sensitivity analysis
  • 3-5 year Balance sheet budgets and projections with sensitivity analysis where appropriate
  • 3-5 year cash flow budgets and projections including sensitivity analysis
  • Ensuring your business is sustainable and future proofed for many years to come

A business plan will provide a detailed roadmap of how your business can get from its current location to the desired location. This may to be the market leader in the local area, market leader in Auckland, market leader in New Zealand or even the global market leader. The business plan will certainly focus business owners and help them become empowered to take their business to its full potential and even to become legend in the business world. A business plan can often be extremely useful when looking to secure additional finance from financial institutions and investors.

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