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What is keeping you awake at night

Empower | Solving Business Issues

Given the many complexities and issues involved in running a successful business in today’s ever competitive environment, it can sometimes be extremely difficult in getting off to sleep at night, especially with everything going “around and around” in your head.

Some of the business complexities and issues that may be keeping you awake are

  • Maintaining a positive cash flow
  • Ensuring that all obligations are paid on time including Suppliers, Employees and tax authorities
  • Ensuring that there continues to be an ongoing inflow or orders for the business’s products or services
  • Ensuring that all clients and customers receive the best possible stress-free experience when dealing with the business
  • Recruiting and retaining the best staff for the business
  • Ensuring that any weaknesses in the business are identified and resolved
  • Ensuring that any threats facing the business are identified and responded to
  • Ensuring that the strengths is the business are maximised to their ultimate potential
  • Ensuring that the external opportunities available to the business are fully investigated and implemented to the maximum benefit of the business
  • Ensuring that decisions approved are actually implemented

Very often, the business owner is excellent at working in the business but may not have all of he skills required to constantly work upon the business. 

The business may be good but could well be missing one or more key elements, or pieces of the jigsaw, to ensure that the business moves from good to great and then great to awesome.

Empower Your Business | Business Issues

Just to give a couple examples to think about here

Just consider your pride and joy car and envy of all other car owners. How far will that car get if one tyre is flat. 

Now think about a business which supplies a market leading product with an endless flow of sales orders. What will be the long-term impact on the business if there were no Accounts receivable controls and processes and Accounts receivable balances just got longer and longer and older and older.

Empower Your Business | Business Potential

Imagine how it would feel for the business owner if they were completely empowered to identify what was not working its full and intended potential in the business

Imagine the benefits of having an accountability partner and mentor who you could turn to as a sounding board, someone to provide support and encouragement in any unexpected difficult times and someone to hold you accountable for delivering on what you said you would

If you believe that you need empowerment to run a business that is not yet at its full potential and need someone to mentor you on running your business and to provide support when required please contact Chris

PH 021 620 629

E Chris@ecam.co.nz


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